3 Things That I Learned This Week

Happy Sunday!

Each and every Sunday I spend time reflecting on my week and planning for the week ahead.

So I wanted to share some of my top wins, lessons, issues & thoughts from this past week.

​​1. Build a Fence Around Yourself

I was reminded of this when reviewing my week this morning and also the point was really hit hard in Craig Ballantyne’s latest book The Perfect Week Formula (a must-read IMO). But here is what I learned with this (and at first glance, it sounds selfish, arrogant, etc. and I am sure some people will see it that way and that is ok (the unsubscribe button is below)) → It is too flipping easy to say yes, take that phone call, answer that text, instant message immediately and guess what happens when you do that? You get distracted and the rest of your day can go spiraling out of control. By building a fence around yourself (aka — setting up ground rules for yourself that are non-negotiable), you can get back to that person, message when it is on your terms and when you have it scheduled in your day. Again I know it might sound harsh — but try it….

2. Have a set of triggers

We are all creatures of habit and it’s too easy to go through the motions and go with the flow. But when it is time to work — it’s time to work. Create a set of triggers to train you and your mind to get into work mode. Mine? Music — I rotate between a few songs that are played on repeat, I drink tea in the morning in my mug, and lastly, start working in my office (location). Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the triggers are — just find a couple to use to get in the mode….

3. Stay Accountable to Yourself

If you tell yourself you are going to do something today and don’t do it — what happens? Likely nothing but letting yourself down. You have to become ruthless with yourself and do what you are planning on doing. It is alot easier said than done and you have to figure out how to make sure you do it. Some — it is having someone that holds them accountable, but regardless — make the decision today and do it…

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Talk Soon,





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